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The Idea

What if every month was Christmas?

Two years ago, in November, I found myself racking my brains for a Christmas present for my younger brother and his partner's two children. Like every year at this time, I'm already hunting for "the ideal gift." It should be playful, Eco-Bio, surprising and fun in my eyes. But after some preliminary research, I have to admit that his children have just about everything. And it was while drinking tea at their place that an idea crossed my mind, and I decided to talk to them there on the spot.


  • Tell me, I've already done my research for Christmas gifts and had an idea. I have two fun options for you, either a Christmas present or...? An expedition story.


A second of reflection was enough for them before cheerfully screaming: A story, a story... (they were then 5 and 9 years old)


Surprised, I hasten to check that they have understood it correctly:

  • Are you sure?

  • Yesssss


Two years later

I imagined the story would travel to them in the form of a physical letter. The story will be laid down and illustrated on a Bio-Eco paper with an explanatory card.

But the magic of a story is its origin, the smells, the that moment, I can see the whole concept.


This letter is not going to be just a letter; it is going to be a missive of joy, adventure, mystery and hope. When you discover your letter in your mail, you will be immersed in an excitement that only children can have, simple and pure joy. As you read it, you will feel this connection with the destination and the experience it gives off, as if I were writing to you personally, sitting on top of a red rock in the middle of the desert and writing the letter, while making a sketch and looking at the horizon while sipping a cup of tea, as usual...


This is how the concept of letters was born

From idea to realization, it took a lot of small steps, and I am very happy to present the results to you...


Who is it for?

For adults, your grandpa, your mom, your loved ones or for you! But it's only natural that I have made a children's version that parents can read to their kids. A magical moment of life, in sharing where time stops with the family or by drinking tea, following the recipe on the collector's tea card that is inside the letter, or by discovering the mystery animal in the letter intended for our future aspiring explorers.


« A letter that is much more than a letter...

But a hope of authenticity close to the earth, close to our hearts »

Happy reading of your first letter

Sarah Marquis – Explorer

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